The Seeing-Eye Chihuahua

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The Seeing-Eye Chihuahua

OK, so this guy goes into a bar with his faithful Labrador retriever and sits down at a table. The bartender sees them and yells across the room: "Hey buddy! You can't bring a dog in here! We got health rules y'know!" "Yeah, I know," the guy yells back as he throws his canine companion a knowing wink, "but this here is my, uh, seein'-eye dog...yeah, that's it... OK!?"

The bartender, who can't see them too well across the room anyway, pauses momentarily to consider the legal ramifications and then decides out loud to no-one in particular, "Well, OK... then I guess he can stay." So the guy proceeds to order two pints and the Lab hops up on a chair to enjoy a brewski while they, uh, hang out, so to speak.

A while later the guy and his dog get up/down to leave. They're just out the door when they bump into a guy who's about to go in with a little Chihuahua.

The first guy says "Hey listen man, the bartender in there won't like you bringing that dog in, but if you can maybe convince him that's a seeing-eye dog, you should be OK." The second guy looks down dubiously at his tiny dog shivering away like a half-drowned rat in the warm sun, but he quickly figures he's thirsty enough to try it, so he thanks the first guy and goes on in the bar with his microscopic mutt close behind.

He's just reached the bar and begun tying his dog's little leash to a stool, when the bartender turns around, leans over the bar and says "Hey, waitaminnit, ferchrissakes! What's goin' on in here today, a dog show or something? You can't bring that Chihuahua in here!" The guy's jaw drops as he freezes in his tracks, stares blankly straight ahead and grasps wildly with both hands for the bar-rail... "WHAT!?! You mean those bastards sold me a freakin' _ChiHUAhua_?!"

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