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Need Help With Creationism

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Rick Lanier ( wrote:

I don't know who you have been listening too.. But, natural selection is not the "engine" of evolution. It is one of 'how' explanations for the fantasy of evolution. Genetic mutation would be closer to an engine, with natural selection as one of the wheels on the evolution car. Natural

No,NO, NO! Fabvorable mutation is the engine of the evolution car. Natural selection is the transmission. Genetic drift is the differential. Neutral mutation is the driveshaft. Paleontology is the back-up lights. Genetics is the headlights. Molecular biology is the windshield. Biochemistry is the windshield wipers. Stabilizing selection is the brakes. Transitional fossils are the turn signals. Sexual selection is the hood ornament, grill, and rear spoiler. Phylogeny is the interstate highway system. Extinction is the exit to the bad part of town you shouldn't take. Adaptation is the mechanic who puts on the snow tires in winter. Creation science is the fake hood scoop covering a non-existent turbocharger.

Darwin is driving the car blinfolded, Fisher and Wright are sitting next to him on the front seat reading the map. Steven J. Gould is in the back seat telling him he missed a turn. Lamarck is the pedestrian he ran over. Creationists are the howling mob of ignoramuses chasing the car and throwing rocks to demonstrate the literal truth of Genesis.

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