pshift(1) man page - paradigm shift

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pshift(1) man page - paradigm shift

Date: Wed May 01 17:11:18 1996

This popped into my inbox. Throw the appended text into the man pages before we have another great cultural and ethnical misunderstanding on this, our Gaia. "If only people read the on-line help, there would be no need for poor implementations of a GUI (ie Microsoft Windows)"

pshift - paradigm shift utility
pshift [-zzeitgeist] [-rragelev] [-v] [-c] [-wn] [+|-n]
The pshift operator performs a paradigm shift on its input stream within the context of the current or specified zeitgeist.
-z Specify the zeitgeist context. May be specified here or from the environment variable $ZEITGEIST.

Supported values of zeitgeist are judeo_christian (default), postcommunist, new_age, and when_god_was_a_woman.

-r Specify rage level. Acceptable values of ragelev are ennui (default), deep_seated, and consuming.
-v Set to verbose mode. Normally pshift operates silently; in verbose mode it publishes a 500+ page bestseller entitled "Rethinking [input stream] in the [zeitgeist] Age", and then begins soliciting honoraria until the operator types ctrl-c. On some systems it runs for Congress.
-c Set to collective IO. Normally pshift takes its input from stdin and outputs to stdout; in collective mode it takes its input from the Collective Unconscious and writes to the Body Politic.
-wn Specify first, second, third or fourth wave. Acceptable values for n are 0,1,2 or 3, with 2 (third wave) being the default.

[On Sun systems, the logical waves are 0,3,2,1, which map to physical waves 0,1,2,3; see Sun Technical Manual for details.]

+|-n Specifies the number of times to prepend 'post' to the zeitgeist context, if positive, or 'pre' if negative. The default is 11.
source $DEITY | pshift -zpostcommunist -rdeep_seated -v +1

On most systems, the above command will output a hardcover volume called "Rethinking God in the Post-Postcommunist Era", in which the irrelevence of erstwhile religious concepts is seen to have triggered a global, deep-seated rage vis-a-vis traditional sociopolitical norms leading to a premature breakdown of emerging postsoviet infrastructure.

pshift -znew_age -rennui

The above command produces no output, but privately processes a vague discontent which it will share if its space is honored. May be redirected to /dev/null.

pshift -c -w3 -1

Taking its input from the collective unconscious, the above command rejects the failed socioeconomic policies of the last thirty years and replaces them with a futurist, fourth wave polemic of traditional values, the two-parent family, and the supremacy of the private sector that was the foundation of the American utopia of the 1950s. Use a prepend value of -2 to restore the American utopia of the early Industrial Age, a value of -3 to restore the European utopia of the Enlightenment, -4 for catholic hegemony, etc. (note: Requires grass root permission. In verbose mode, it may also require a $4 million advance.)

You must have root permission to use consuming rage.
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