Managing mailing lists

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Managing mailing lists

Subscribing to mailing lists is a viable alternative to using a newsreader, especially if the mailing list isn't mirrored to a newsgroup or you have a sophisticated e-mail reader (such as Eudora for the Mac or Windows) that does mail filtering.

When you subscribe to a mailing list you'll recieve an acknowledgement message that details commands available to you in dealing with the list-server software.

If you keep those messages then you don't need to read any further.

Still reading, eh? Well, I didn't like keeping long messages about obscure commands around, but I didn't like not remembering how to send mail to the list subscribers. I've come up with the following: for each mailing list I've subscribed to I keep the following information:


as in

   Listname:  cu-seeme-l
      Title:  the CU-SeeMe-L mailing list
  Subscribe:  SUB CU-SEEME-L Firstname Lastname to
Unsubscribe:  UNSUB CU-SEEME-L to
      Human:  Joanne Callahan 
   S/W Bugs:
 Gen'l Info:

Listname: Cypherpunks Title: Cypherpunks Post: ( for announcements) Subscribe: subscribe cypherpunks to Unsubscribe: unsubscribe cypherpunks Michael 'Mickey' Sattler to Human:

Listname: mac-eudora-forum Title: Eudora for the Macintosh discussion forum Post: S/W Bugs: S/W Suggest: Subscribe: subscribe to mac-eudora-forum-request@Qualcomm.COM Unsubscribe: unsubscribe mac-eudora-forum Michael 'Mickey' Sattler to Majordomo@Qualcomm.COM Human:

Listname: machttp-talk Title: machttp-talk mailing list Post: Subscribe: subscribe machttp-talk to Unsubscribe: unsubscribe machttp-talk "Michael 'Mickey' Sattler, San Francisco" to Human: (Chuck Shotton)

Listname: mcip Title: Macintosh Cryptography Interface Project Post: Subscribe: SUBSCRIBE MCIP Michael 'Mickey' Sattler Unsubscribe: UNSUBSCRIBE MCIP Human: Gregory Combs

Listname: net-happenings Title: Things happening on the Intenet according to the InterNIC Post: mail to human Subscribe: (msg body) sub net-happenings fn ln Unsubscribe: (msg body) unsub net-happenings Human: Info: (msg body) -InterNIC Information Services

Listname: New Files at Title: New Files at Post: not allowed, new files to Subscribe: send request to Unsubscribe: send request to Human:

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