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Michael 'Mickey' Sattler

 8 October 2010
  Four of the Blue Angels fly over our fair city, with perfect weather and clear skies. I *love* the roar of the engines and the wash of the sound waves; others seem to be a bit perturbed.

The Blue Angels

My sister, Felicia, comes into town with her side of the family tree. We meet in the Mission, outside Dosa. From left, Lila, Rose, Seigmund, Felicia, Annalie, and Isaac.

My sister Felicia and family
 7 October 2010
  Me, clean-shaven and squinting in the bright afternoon sun, looking around to spot the Blue Angels.

At a late lunch I spot a vertical dancer at Hallidie Plaza, near the Powell cable-car turn-around.

 3 October 2010
  It's time for the 2010 Castro Street Fair. Here's Rose with Lila and Isaac at the corner of Castro & Market Streets, checking out the sound stage, the vendors setting up their wonderfully-smelling food stands, and, assembling inside the orange cones, cheerleaders.

Castro Street Fair 2010

The cheerleaders of SF Cheer:

Castro Street Fair 2010

The view of a sound stage from the vantage point of CurryBoyzz Indian restaurant, near 18th and Diamond Streets.

Castro Street Fair 2010
 2 October 2010
  Today is the Burning Man 2010 - Santa Cruz UnScruz Decompression party, for which I've been tapped to lead the Black Rock Ranger presence.

Santa Cruz Burning Man Decompression 2010
 1 October 2010
  I'm standing in the hot sun, but the fog pouring over Twin Peaks is pushing a cold breeze ahead of it. Shiver.

fog over Twin Peaks

Both of the kids' schools are heading over to the Strictly Bluegrass festival in Golden Gate Park, where M. C. Hammer is playing yet another of his kid-centric shows. I heard Lila's class needed a "small tarp", so I drive the Bacon Sparkle Pony deep into the park, past concentric circles of security, waved on as soon as burners spot the logos, until I can hump the huge 20x50 tarp - still showing a bit of playa dust - onto the field. It was perfect: our class could sit and play and eat in comfort while the other classes stood rather than sit in the just-rained-upon grass.

Strictly Bluegrass, Golden Gate Park, SF CA

Isaac and Lila pose during a quiet moment in the concert.

Isaac & Lila at Strictly Bluegrass, Golden Gate Park, SF CA
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